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Webcast 7 Sep: Green is the new Black | Hydrogen, challenges and opportunities

Webcast: Tuesday, 7 September 2021

08h30 New York | 12h30 GMT | 13h30 London | 14h30 Amsterdam | 14h30 Johannesburg | 18h00 New Delhi | 20h30 Singapore | 22h30 Melbourne

60-Minute Session

There’s a substantial growth opportunity for green hydrogen in Europe, especially with the development of decarbonised industrial clusters, as well as the EU Green Deal with all its enabling investment and policy frameworks.

As the oil & gas sector continues decarbonisation efforts, we discuss how energy companies are capitalising on the growing global interest in hydrogen, with a specific focus on Europe’s hydrogen economy.  

Join us to learn about:

  • Where are the investment opportunities
  • Which projects are the early adopters and how are they fairing
  • How are oil & gas majors coupling renewables and hydrogen generation
  • Overcoming regulatory impediments to create a hydrogen economy
  • Energy companies as exporters and market developers
  • Will hydrogen overtake oil or gas as the fuel of the future  

Speakers confirmed: Baker Hughes (Speaker details to be shared as soon as possible)

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