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Citizens’ band wavelength

To me, a just transition means moving away from a centralised, top-down system dominated by a limited number of corporate actors.

By Lorena Skiljan, Managing Partner, Nobilegroup

It means moving towards a decentralised, bottom-up system where individuals and communities can connect and become stakeholders.

The emerging electrification of the consumer sector, resulting from rapidly-growing markets such as e-mobility and IoT, further accelerates the demand for energy and the demand for more flexible, distributed power solutions.

These growth trends can be used to develop demand-orientated, decentralised energy systems and to integrate them into existing ones.

This article was originally published in Enlit Europe’s Guide to season 3 – A just transition.

The integration of heat supply and storage technologies provide additional levers and accelerate the development of renewable local energy supplies, bringing new dynamics into the whole system.

Local hubs can be created, contributing to the optimisation of the overall system and to the expansion of renewable energies.

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